Generative AI technologies are almost in creative fields, and designers, marketers, writers, directors, and programmers are expected to use these tools to enhance their work. If you think these technologies are coming soon, you aren’t paying attention. They are here. Now.

This site is a workbench for testing teaching and learning Generative AI. As an educator, I create learning experiences where learners can develop knowledge, thinking, and skills. This site reports how I’m doing that in the Department of Art and the Department of Emerging Technology in Business and Design within the College of Creative Arts at Miami University. As a researcher, I am responsible for experimenting with technologies and concepts and sharing my findings with students, the People of Ohio, and beyond.

So here you have it. Creating with Generative AI on Design Workbench. Here’s to the journey of discovery!

Dennis Cheatham

Associate Professor, Communication Design

Miami University

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