I’ve found so many amazing prompt examples that I can barely keep up. I’ll keep a running list here for reference.

How to create better image-generation prompts

Use the following parameters and learn more.

prompt before: two people sitting at a dinner table –ar 1:1 –v 6

prompt after: 35mm film still of a man and a woman sitting next to each other at a circular dinner table –style raw –ar 16:9 –v 6

Superhuman January 23, 2024

Realistic Images

Create catalog photos in ChatGPT.

Photograph [insert object] for a sales catalog, ensuring the [insert object] is the sole focus with no additional visual elements. Center the [insert object], fully visible, in high detail to emphasize its design and quality. Use a plain grey background for a clean and professional look. Focus on natural, clear lighting to highlight the [insert object] features.

.teddm on Midjourney, via Superhuman November 23, 2023

A product image of a Coca Cola can with floral patterns –v 6.0

A product image, mock up of a cereal box decorated with fruits, with the words “Natural Cereal” featured prominently –v 6.0

via Superhuman December 29, 2023

ultra realistic, vintage photo, detailed features, 10 foot tall Big Foot standing with rural American farmers –ar 2:3 –stylize 250 –v 6.0

via Superhuman January 22, 2023

Marble Busts

A bust of (insert name) with marble, in a museum –v 6.0

via Superhuman January 2, 2024

Stylized Images

Creating on-brand backdrops with Midjourney.

Create a futuristic-styled version of anything.

A futuristic version of a [insert brand name] car

Superhuman November 24, 2023

Face Swap Midjourney Images

Learn to use InsightFace in MidJourney.

Create images in the style of an artist.

Dosed me too, desert psychedelic vibes by Keith Haring x George Condo logo


A christmas card, in the style of Bernard Villemot

Superhuman November 27, 2023

Storm in a glass

This prompt is an example of detailed language to achieve an effect.

A violent apocalyptic storm confined inside a drinking-glass standing surrounded by peace and calm tranquility, mind-blowing, 4K, amazing lighting, extreme detailing

Superhuman November 29, 2023


How to create illustrations for apps and websites in Midjourney

Flat geometric illustration of a laptop [or other object], abstract, simple

Superhuman November 30, 2023

Vintage: Astronaut job postings

A job posting poster for astronauts 1970s vintage design

Superhuman December 1, 2023

Midjourney’s Niji mode

A poster for a beautiful mountain village with the headline “The Shire” in big stylized font at the top –niji 6

Superhuman January 31, 2024

A Mansion on Mars in the future

a photo of [enter room here] in a giant mansion on Mars 240 years in the future with views of martian mountains and sunsets. It is getting dark – stylize 250 –v 6

Superhuman February 2, 2024

Processing and Converting Images

Transform sketches into realistic images

Use the Drawn to Style GPT in ChatGPT and upload your sketch, then enter a prompt.

Transform this sketch into a realistic image

Superhuman February 19, 2024

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Miami University

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