Presenting alternate realities where Ai extends Human abilities.

Teams who chose to complete the Humans+ project presented their work to everyone in the class. After each presentation, we discussed the alternate realities that each project raised. Here’s the Canvas page for this Synthesizer assignment.

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Assignment What future did you create?

Share Your Vision of Humans+AI

You’ve done all this exciting work to explore how AI can supplement humans to solve some of our society’s biggest challenges. Now, share what you found! In this brief presentation, you’ll have a chance to share your discoveries so we can all benefit and look toward a brighter future.

What’s Due?

This assignment is part of Assignment”>Project: Humans+ (Group Project)

What Format Where Who
Presentation Slides Powerpoint, PDF, or Google Slides Uploaded to this assignment page or a link to a Google Slides presentation. Everyone (one per group)
An in-person presentation Presentation in class In Class Everyone (one per group)

Why Are We Doing This?

Practicing how to convey your ideas in a way that inspires others will help you develop skills for the future.



This activity counts as a Synthesizer assignment. Show off that amazing brain!

Learning Outcomes

Strive to produce work that is Successful for each learning outcome.

  • Clarify Intangibles: Apply visual/verbal methods to make the intangible meanings/connections more understandable.
  • Engaging Delivery: Present content in an engaging way.
  • Logical Order: Prepare a presentation that’s logically ordered and easy to follow.

This assignment will be complete and count toward your final grade if the work accomplishes all learning outcomes. There is no partial credit.


The presentation should be between seven and 12 minutes. Do not go longer than 12 minutes.

Each presentation should include the following information.

  • Problem Background: What is the problem? Who does it affect? What pains and harmful circumstances does it cause? Who or what is it blocking?
  • Problem Analysis: Share some of the deep details of the problem—what underlies it? You may want to share tidbits of your Causal Layered Analysis or other analysis processes here to dissect the problem for audiences.
  • Possible Futures: Share a few of the possible futures your group envisioned. Show off your imagination. Tell how these futures present hope for the future, even if they are fantastic and outrageous. Share the intended and unintended consequences of these futures and how they would impact various communities and resources.
  • One Solution Recommendation: Share the product, service, or system your team developed. Show off its parts and give a scenario of it in practice. Share the intended and unintended consequences of this design. Help the audience go, “Wow, what a cool solution; I can see how this would work and its impact. I want this to happen!”
  • Conclusion: Wrap it up with a compelling sendoff.

During each step, share how you used GenerativeAI to help you develop content or thinking. Indicate if you used the tools for ideation, research, creation, testing, or more.

Execution Level

Shoot for completing this work at or beyond the level indicated below.

a design

Final Candidate: Outcomes showcase a range of features, functionality, and characteristics in multiple ways so uninitiated audiences can understand the fully realized design’s benefits and how it will work.

Details about execution levels are in the Course Reference module.

Feedback and Revisions


Work can receive one of the following feedback results per learning outcome (specification):

  • Success: You’re done! The work meets or exceeds the specifications. Wow, you learned a lot. 🙌
  • Not done yet: Close, but needs revision. The work doesn’t quite meet the goal for this assignment. Give it another go. 💪
  • Incomplete: Hmm. Something’s missing. Check the specifications to find what was missed. 🤏

Work that meets all the specifications listed on this assignment page will count toward semester completions for the grade track you’re pursuing.


You can revise the work unlimited times to achieve a “Successful” result. Because this assignment is due after the Final Revision Deadline, it can be revised until 11:59 p.m. on our Finals Week Deadline.


Spend a token anytime to turn this work in after the deadline without penalty or to recover it after the deadline. Enter your request to spend a token in the Comments text field in the Canvas assignment.


  1. Prepare the presentation.
  2. Turn work in as indicated on this page.
  3. Check feedback in Canvas and directly in other documents (if we used Miro, Google Docs, Figma, etc.).
  4. Make revisions if needed.
  5. Post a comment to this Canvas assignment page that your revision is ready for review so I will know it’s ready.
  6. Learn, grow, and be amazing—because you are, no matter how you feel today.

Technology and Materials

  • Internet access

Go Big

Have fun with this! It can be the most non-presentation presentation ever. Seriously, dream big.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
Søren Kierkegaard

Dennis Cheatham

Associate Professor, Communication Design

Miami University

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