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We wrap up our semester together this week. Here’s what students want to talk about.

With AI continuing to grow and accelerate at the high level it’s at, it’ll be exciting to see what AI will be used for in the future and how it can be used to people’s advantage / daily usage.

If innovation gets to a point where life is too simple, will there be any goals left for people to strive for?

What are your thoughts on people having more access to AI, especially with the new iPhone with AI

Do the benefits of AI models outweigh the risks and misuse?

Another solution, for my New Today afternoon task was an AI teleporter that delivers food to you instantaneously in the comfort of your home. How long do you think it would take for this to happen? Be able to pay for and receive food from several mins to even hours away from your chair.

Why does the “The New Everyday” project have the word everyday in it if the activity is allowed to be something that you don’t do everyday, such as something you did on vacation in another country? Is there significance in picking activities that are completed everyday?

Was ChatGPT the first AI that was for public use? If it wasn’t and there were other generative AI programs out for use, why weren’t they getting the recognition and being popularized like ChatGPT was? Also, is there a consensus best generative AI program that is the most powerful or gives the best responses?

When do you think AI will be fully integrated into society without any reservations or fears.

Is the solution to a wicked problem considered a wicked solution? Or is it just considered a singular problem that is subjective based on person?

should colleges make majors for AI because it is becoming a bigger topic

During class today a lot of interesting questions came up from the Humans+ groups. I believe that my favorite of which was not fully explored, was “if technology is meant to simplify our lives, at what point does the technology we create dissolve the struggle of being human”. If technology is so efficient will we all just become couch potatoes living on universal basic income?

The more I tell people about my experience in the class, the more negative responses I receive. I think people are more against AI than they were against any other form of technology. Why is that?

How could AI be used to improve the transportation system? i.e. … Urban planning, public infrastructure, and the sort.

In regards to human direct implementation with AI, do we think that it’s a reasonable future to see implants with AI in them?

Excited for summer! also excited for apples new AI model that we briefly covered in class.

Will AI one day make my home life better and more easier? Will there be machines that wake us up and make us food whenever?

Will we ever see AI be autonomous in our lifetime from what we presented in class?

How will blue-collar jobs be affect by AI or jobs requiring human labor

As AI evolves and becomes more integrated in our daily lives, where are we going to see the most benefit or gain from it? Will it be in self-driving cars, implemented into our bodies through things like neuralink, or even having autonomous robots that are “alive”?

How is it that we can come up with all these ideas for improving everyday activities using AI but then none of them are created, what’s the reason we don’t create them?

Could AI technically completely run a restaurant?

How might AI technology reshape our understanding of humanity and consciousness?

Let’s talk about how to think about the day when AI really does start to rebel against humans?

What will the future look like if ai becomes sentient?

As the concept of the metaverse grows, how is generative AI being used to create more immersive and interactive virtual environments?

Let’s talk about AI: How can we ensure ethical AI development and deployment to maximize its benefits while minimizing risks.

How do you envision AI further advancing within the medical field in the coming years, and what current “wicked problems” could AI in healthcare fix? (cancer, mis-diagnosing, etc)

How long do you think it will be until our Humans+ ideas can become a reality?

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